Recent Event Friday, Oct. 25

Library, Panel

The Evolution of Library Space

7:30pm – 9:30pm

Queens Library at Glen Oaks, 256-04 Union Tpke, Glen Oaks, NY 11004

Registration Not Required

Organized by:
Queens Public Library

Jason Roberts,  Organization Director at Marble Fairbanks, the architectural firm responsible for the beauty that Glen Oaks community library is,  will lead a walking tour of the Library, and he will elaborate on Marble Fairbanks' approach when thinking about the Library and library space in general.

The Evolution of Library Space:

-  From Collection to Connection

-  From Book Container to Community Hub

-  From Transaction to Relation

Public Libraries have gone a long way since their Carnegie years. The “last social equalizer,” a “safe space,” a “third place,” an “innovation incubator” are only some of the functions of Libraries as society moves to the 21st century. Come to Queens Library in October and learn about the exciting evolution of the Library Space throughout the years as exemplified in two of Queens Public Library’s iconic branches.

This is an intergenerational program, and no registration is required.